[Review] Immissoni Matte Liquid Lipstick - Au Naturel

[Review] Immissoni Matte Liquid Lipstick - Au Naturel

Hello!! Today I'm here to review a product of an English brand: Immissoni. In particular, I'm talking about the Matte Liquid Lipstick and I had the opportunity to try the “Au Naturel” color that you can find on their website www.immissoni.com and has a price of £ 9.99.

It is precisely a liquid lipstick that has the classic sponge applicator of not too large dimensions that allows you to be precise at the edges, moreover it has a slightly sweet scent that is really very pleasant; the colour I have is a medium-light pink nude, very suitable for any occasion and perfect to combine with smoky eyes. 

I've been testing it for about a month and now I have a very clear idea of ​​it. I must first say that liquid lipsticks (even from expensive brands) do not hold well on me because they immediately tend to crumble in the central part of the mouth and I just can't stand the super dry sensation on my lips; I was therefore very curious to try this liquid lipstick in the hope of finding a good product to alternate with my classic stick lipsticks.

From the first application I noticed that the product has the right texture to be opaque from the first coat, and it spreads out really easily. Within seconds it dries completely and you almost don't feel like you're wearing anything because it is very thin on the lips and doesn't bother you.

On me I found a really good duration of about 7/8 hours! With the passing of the hours it tends to dry slightly, but the feeling of dryness is very minimal, nothing like other liquid lipsticks that I have tried that I was forced to remove because they were really too dry. Even if I lick my lips it does not need to be retouched because it is practically unnoticeable, perhaps also thanks to its colour, because on me it is a perfect on my lips!

In short, I recommend this product because I found myself really well !! It gives my lips a natural and healthy colour, and also allows me to define well the edges that remain intact for several hours.

I hope I have been useful to you, in my opinion it is always nice to discover new brands and if low cost even better 😉


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