New in: The Fantastic IMMISSONI Lipsticks!

New in: The Fantastic IMMISSONI Lipsticks!

Hello girls! 😘 For some time I have received a package from an English company: IMMISSONI. Inside I found three lip colors, all of which are liquid and above all matte.💄 Yes, because this company offers a wide range of make-up products of which its best sellers are lip colours. Most importantly, all IMMISONI products are not tested on animals. 💗

Berry Gum 💞 ⇒ it is a purple colour, very pigmented and rich. Application is very simple, as it transforms from a liquid texture into a light and long-lasting one. It is not sticky at all and dries in no time becoming completely opaque. 👑

Au Naturel 🌸 ⇒ is a splendid nude colour rich in pigments. This is also easy to apply and dulls very quickly. This tint is suitable for all skin types and is very comfortable to wear. 💕

Sunset Vibes 🌵 ⇒ it is a beautiful orange, perfect with dark-toned make-up. It is not too dry and can be applied without problems. 💫

All three shades are really cool! I loved the colours and they are also very comfortable on the lips. What can I say, super promoted! 😍

These are the swatches of all colours. What's your favourite? I really don't know how to choose! 🙈

I recommend you try these products, because they are really excellent and give a touch of color even to the simplest make-up. 🎀

And which lipsticks do you prefer to wear? Nude or super showy? Let me know down in the comments! 💕

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